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Infant Childcare

Infants are great learners who enjoy trying out sights, flavors and sounds around them.

Our teachers are trained to respond quickly to your baby’s needs, and also to provide learning activities to enhance their physical, cognitive and emotional development.

Infants are given new opportunities to learn about themselves and the surrounding world, including:

  • Story times where the teachers read books to the infants
  • Periodic rocking
  • Feeding time which nourishes your baby’s growing body and mind

Toddler Childcare

In our toddler childcare program, your toddler enjoys each day moving around, learning and having fun!

Teachers help toddlers with making great developmental strides such as saying their first words, learning to eat by themselves and potty training.

Toddlers are also engaged in fun motor skills development activities.

Teachers also tell them stories and teach them rhymes to build their cognitive skills and expression.



Our preschool focuses on the development of the physical, intellectual, social and mental part of each child. 

This program focuses on major motor skills development, expression and learning to say numbers and alphabets. Our experienced teachers work to have your preschooler recognize and understand numbers, letters, and sight words.

At this age, readiness for school is priority and we ensure that children are ready by engaging them in assessment before Pre-K.

After School Program

For school age children, we offer after school programming during the school year. Our after school program complements the school day by offering a variety of activities including

  • access to the computer for research
  • a library to widen your child’s knowlege scope
  • an opportunity to work on homework
  • as well as a snack.